Starting in 2015, American Spaces Volunteer Program quickly became one of our favorites. It gives the opportunity for young people to learn about event management, how to create appealing social media content, and, of course, to meet new friends, that are passionate about becoming leaders in their communities. Find out more about this program down below.

  • The program is organized for 6 months
  • Candidate’s Criteria
    Age: 16-21
    English: intermediate
    Goal: becoming community leaders
  • Program Benefits:
    Awarded by Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S Embassy to Moldova
    Training in visual design, social media, public speaking, etc.
    Hands-on experience in event management
  • Volunteer Responsibilities:
    Work with American Spaces staff to create innovative virtual and in-person programs
    Create engaging content for American Spaces social media platforms
    To write articles about our events

How to apply:
Every 6 months (April/September) we are posting an Application Form on our social media platforms. Do not miss the chance to apply.