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“Social Media Tools to Promote a Cause”

November 2, 2019

If you are the one who has Facebook and Instagram flowing through your veins, if you are the one who checks social media several times a day and carefully monitors everything that is posted, well then this event is for …

All About Super Bowl Event

February 1, 2019

Every month America House is inviting its visitors to participate in our traditional “Conversation Clubs” moderated by our very special American guests. On February 1st, our guests were two American diplomats – Jonathan Wolfington from US Embassy and Jimmy Harper, both really …

iCitizen Project hosted by America House

December 22, 2018

Today iCitizen Project participants from various regions around Moldova had a full day at America House. They learned about cyberbullying, grooming and trolling and explored various ways in which school students can be informed regarding the dangers of online browsing. …