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The mission of the America House is to provide information about the United States of America – its society, politics, history, economy, democratic traditions, holidays, and other issues of interest to the Moldovan audience.

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What real people said about America House Chișinău.


Mariana Cazacu

America House always offers interesting and interactive experiences. The office has an innovative design, but at the same time it is so practical and cozy! I always come here with my students with great pleasure!


Aliona Curdoglo

Thank you to America House Chisinau for inviting us to participate in various professional development seminars and trainings! I am very thankful to all the American experts for coming to Moldova and sharing their knowledge, skills and experience about inclusive education, basics of teaching English and the importance of disabled and non-disabled with Moldovan teachers. 


Emma Matreniuc

America House offered us, English language teachers, a unique opportunity to interact with a wonderful American expert,  Virginia Simmons, who talked about inclusive education, which is a sensitive issue for our country. The trainer managed to introduce Differentiated Instruction to teachers who had never had a chance to work with students with special needs, showed and explained how to make it easy and comfortable for both students and instructors so that the process of teaching becomes useful and efficient. The training hosted by America House was full of memorable moments so I am grateful for this enlightening experience! 


A great place where friendship can be found. I like the events they make in order to make everyone learn something new. I liked the thing that the library has a lot of modern books, that are very popular. There are a lot of games that are very popular in the U.S. I love American Resource Center because of the atmosphere and of the staff that make everything possible to make everyone satisfied.


Hamad Azza

I liked the America House very much because we had the opportunity to practice our English and acquire new vocabulary. I also liked the fact that we had the opportunity to use the most innovative technologies. At America House we can make new friends by collaborating and communicating with each other. As for the staff, I really thought they were Americans😅, because their English is so good! In conclusion, I can say that America House is a great educational center for teenagers who want to know more and learn new things.